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The English-Speaking Program for a Truly International City!

The vhs stuttgart is proud to present its English-speaking program specifically aimed at the international public of the Stuttgart region. If you feel comfortable taking classes in English and other languages, this program is right for you. Have fun learning with us and follow us on Instagram (vhs_international) for updates!  You can find all our English-speaking courses and events in this brochure.

This semester, we’re offering courses and events in the following categories:

You can sort the courses by „Titel“ (title), „Datum“ (date), „Ort“ (place) or „Nr.“ (course number).

Forest Bathing - Relax in the woods of Stuttgart!

Would you like to relax and unwind? Indoor meditation or relaxation classes are not your thing though? Then „Forest Bathing“ is perfect for you! It was developed during the 1980s in Japan based on scientific studies and started spreading the world under the name of „Shinrin Yoku“. Spending time in the forest does not only help us with stress management, studies have shown that the fresh air can boost our immune system and support us live a healthier life in general. In this workshop, we will experience the benefits of forest bathing together and you will learn various exercises and activities that you can practice and apply on your own during your next trip into the woods.
In cooperation with Haus des Waldes Stuttgart.

Please wear appropriate footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions on the day. Please also bring something to drink to stay hydrated and some snacks (as needed).

Treffpunkt: Haus des Waldes, Königsträßle 74, 70597 Stuttgart

Status: Kurs abgeschlossen

Kursnr.: 201-42750

Beginn: So., 21.06.2020, 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Dauer: 1

Kursort: Individuelle Ortsangabe

Gebühr: 20,00 € bereits ermäßigte Gebühr


14:00 - 18:00 Uhr
! Individuelle Ortsangabe !


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