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African Dance

Are you interested in African dance? Or do you want to finally get going again and find your rhythm to African sounds? Immerse yourself in the colourful, cheerful, but also physically demanding and profound world of African dance. Get to know another culture while you do something good for your body. This course is about conscious body, mind awareness, and the rehearsal of movements. African Dance is a combination of elements of African dances, each with its own cultural meaning, and modern contemporary dance.
The course instructor Edrine Matovu is currently studying Waldorf Pedagogy at Freie Hochschule Stuttgart but he has been a dancer since childhood and have a lot of experience in dance pedagogy.

Status: Kurs abgeschlossen

Kursnr.: 201-30855

Beginn: Sa., 20.06.2020, 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Dauer: 0

Kursort: TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz

Gebühr: 17,00 €

Rotebühlplatz 28, 70173 Stuttgart

Für diesen Kurs sind keine Termine vorhanden.


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